Aviation Support, S.A. de C.V.

Aviation Support is a Mexican company dedicated to provide full representation services to international charter and scheduled airlines operating into Mexico. The expertise and professionalism of our staff is recognized throughout the world by the airlines that have received our services.

Services Provided


  • Traffic rights obtention
  • Indefinite foreign air operator permit obtention
  • Registration of new fleet bofore Civil Aviation
  • Obtention of permits to overfly Mexican Territory
  • Translation of documents


  • Slots obtention
  • Registration before Radionavigational Authorities SENEAM)
  • Monthly statistics reports to Civil Aviation
  • GSC certified staff

Supervision of ground services

  • Passenger services
  • Ramp services
  • Cargo handling
  • HAZMAT / Dangerous goods handling
  • Dispatch

Coordination of services

  • Tour operators
  • Ground handler
  • Airport authorities
  • Catering
  • Fuelling
  • ATC
  • Lost & found


  • Airport services
  • Radionavigational services (SENEAM)
  • Excess baggage collection
  • Security
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fuel

Quality control

Service report to airlines

Operational Services

  • Ramp handling
  • Coordination
  • Dispatch
  • Fuelling

Cabin Services

  • Cabin cleaning
  • Supervision
  • Catering

Customer Services

  • Passenger services
  • Representation

Stations Coverage

Our Customers